Papa G (Kool fm 94.6) B2B JAVA (ORGIN FM 95.2) LIVE 12.07.04 INTERNET RADIO

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    Jun 7, 2004
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    :jackson: NEXT LIVE D‘N’B SHOW WILL BE ON MONDAY – 12/07/04 7pm – 12am(UK Time)

    WATERHOUSE STUDIOS ONLINE LIVE! Log on and listen live, don’t miss out!

    Remember to log in to the chat room or if you prefer, send a text message to the Studio at +447950 526 221 and big up your crew live on air!

    8pm-10pm Papa G (Kool fm 94.6) B2B JAVA (ORGIN FM 95.2)

    If you missed the last few shows, log on to the vault and listen:

    For more info, please send an email to


    Ruff Productions
    Hotline +447950526221