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Sep 17, 2010
imagine a real drum kit..

pan the hi hats a lil too the left,
any toms a lil to the right.
cymbals to the left/right

kicks/snares stay centre

gives you more room in terms of frequencies and gives u an authentic feel to your drums!

and for an amazing fantastic tip: pan ur bass all the way to the left! its amazing!!

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Mar 24, 2002
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and for an amazing fantastic tip: pan ur bass all the way to the left! its amazing!!


But you can create a lot of space with everything else too. Ever hear that travelling delay? Pan your synth right and adjust the delay to the left. Same with verbs, creates a lot more space to it.

Vocals sounding bland? Pan them to the right a bit and add another layer with chorus to the left.

Want more movement to the LFO'd riser before the drop? Make 2 of them with different LFO phase and hard pan them left and right.

A Bass to surround you? Make a highpassed layer of it, duplicate, pan 25%L & 25%R, flanger left and LFO filter on the right.

It's like a 3rd dimension to the music in addition to frequency and level.

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Also be careful with the stereo expanders, some of them introduce a stereo offset to the sound (delaying the other side slightly) that makes it sound phat but it might introduce stereo phasing trouble, like making the punch of a kick disappear.


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Nov 26, 2009
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Cool, gotta figure out how to make the effects go to a separate side now lol

If you are using Ableton, then you could duplicate the channel you want to effect and put a Utility effect on each channel
Then pan to one side using utility and effect accordingly, you could use utility again on the duplicate channel and pan to the other side and effect differently


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May 23, 2008
ah ok cool, im on logic so automation sounds like the best bet, or thinking about it i might be able to do it in the plugin, will investigate
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