Drum & Bass Pan - Dark Winter Mix

The Watcha

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Gerra & Stone - Dronehead (Octane & DLR Remix)
Friction & K-Tee - Set it off (Icicle Remix)
Mefjus - Distantia
Emperor - Smokescreen
June Miller - Turning Point
Ulterior Motive & Hybris - Bring Out
Solar - Orbit
Calyx & TeeBee - Hurting
Pan - Spook
S.P.Y - Clouds
Survival & Break - Stano
Pola - 3 Claps (Pan VIP)

Hey Pan! Its always worth putting a tracklist on the first post for a member's mix so people on here can decide weather the tune selection is up their street & listen to it. Tracklist looks nice. Set It Off was a tad wavering when it first started to come in, but was sorted quickly. The mix with Droneheads was good when it dropped. Nice combination of tunes. The double with Distantia was quite pounding. Smokescreen - Turning Point rolled together well. Turning Point - Bring Out was a pretty technical mix. Orbit is a sweet tune, if a bit of a contrast to whats been in the TL before. Not heard of Solar before, is he a mate of yours? Your tune Spook is wicked. I like the clicks on the intro & turns into a nice neuro roller when it drops. Very impressive production. Pleasing hearing SPY's Clouds in your mix, only felt like Spook over powered a little when it came in, but it was sorted by the time it came to sliding across to Clouds on its own. A pretty enjoyable mix all in all