For Sale Pair of Stanton str8-60 decks and 28 d&b vinyls


Selling my decks and thought i'd check here before I put them on ebay.

PM Me if you're interested, I live 20 miles from edinburgh so if you're from around edinburgh you can come pick them up. If not i'm sure I could arrange postage but obviously pickup is the easy/preffered option.

2x Stanton str8-60 Direct drive decks
2x Stanton Slipmats
1x Stanton sk-one mixer
Numark HF125 Headphones
28 d&b vinyls

Noisia - Painkiller remix/Ed solo painkiller remix
Phace - Alive/Misanthrop - Viperfish
Fresh - Chainsaw/The Union

The other 25 are from a big pack of vinyl I bought, most of the artists are unheard of but there are some quality tunes in there :)

Looking for £130 for the lot, I also have a table/stand that I built for it that wont be getting used anymore obviously that I would add in for an extra £15 but that obviouly cant be posted and you'd need a van because it couldnt really be dismantled.

Decks -
Vinyl -
PM Me if you're interested remeber pickup prefferd.