Pacman Remix / Vessel - Virus

Arrow Jay

Jan 14, 2002
Bradford, West Yorkshire
What do I say? I'm dissapointed. I expected more from this.

The original of Pacman was awesome. And with the names Ed Rush, Optical and Origin Unknown on one track, I expected a lot more than was delivered.

Origin Unknown have done a good job of the intro, and have re-worked it to be longer for the teasing Dj's. But, the bassline has lost energy. I was listening to the build, and nearly hit stop straight away on the drop because it does no real justice to the absolute awesome original. It's a good tune, and an awesome one for the crowds, and if you like OU, then you will probably like this, but if, like me, you love the original, then stick to it. It's a better tune.

The flipside made me smile though, as Keaton doesn't seem to be doing any wrong these days. Not content with teaming up with Dom Angas for the awesome Twisted City, and not fulfille by being one third of Renegade Hardware's best selling trio, Usual Suspects, Keaton is also one fifth on Universal Project, and he's using the experience well very time.

Vessel is again a typical track for UP, in similar vein to Jackhammer on Cylon, but then again, I've not heard a UP track I've disliked. Typical tech-step madness, with metallic breaks, and a dark yet funky bassline, the Project deliver on one of Virus' best tracks yet. These guys are just beginning to find their own, and with the UP imprint scheduled for starting, they should gradually gain more respect.

Again, if you like the RH / Cylon sound, then check this out.

Points are split.

Pacman Remix - Two Afro's: :afro: :afro:

Vessel - Four Afro's: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:
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