pacman mix

ite boys girls ladies and men am dj iper abviously new ta da forum i am an up and cumin dj in milton keynes i ave played at the beacon a couple of times and a few 3parties am also off ta play in london soon and then settin up a nite wit a couple m8s down in lincon i ave uploaded a mix on 2 a site called it is called dj iper return of the pacman is all viynl i ave managed ta buy maself finnally has taken me years ta find da ram trilogy remix and would like it if ya gave it a listern and got bak 2 us

souuuuuuund dj iper:wave:

track list
1 ed rush & optical-pacman(ram trilogy remix)+taxman-the circle
2friction&ktee-set it off
3complex-order of the triad
4original sin-8 fiqure bass
5sub zero-spin doc
6taxman+heist-frequency scale
7digital era-the raid
8dj pleasure-killin curse
9original sin-dr feels good
10dj hazard+dminds-ghost town
11taxman-evasion remix
12original sin-decibel
13taxman+original sin-seen
14dj hazard+dminds-mr happy
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