Oversight- The rush (wip)


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I'll be honest. I didn't rly like the intro and the drop, but the tune itself is good. The bassline is great, the drums sound cool too. Liking the other sounds that u used too. However i think the tune could use a pad and some more fx, cuz at places it sounds kinda empty imo. Just my 2 cents :D
Nice tune man. The bassline was really well done. Has a very big sound to it, and has that slight growl to it while keeping sub heavy which I love.

I feel like the drums are a bit thin. Could possibly benefit from some layering. Honestly though, I'm not listening on good speakers right now so I could be off.

Also I'm not really digging the drum work prior to the drop. I think it'd be better to use some silence after the kick buildup before the drop hits.
nice one mate, ive been asking lots of people for help with this track, and thin drums is a reoccurring comment, so i think youre bang on. cheers for all the feedback, going to get back on it today, so hopefully will have an updated version by this evening.

biggups y'all

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ive done some more to it.....

the snare is now much fatter, shaker has been pulled back slightly, taken some of the reverb off the bass, tonked up the kick with a distorted duplicate and applied some more eq to the bass ( shouts to john miszt for that) coupld of other little edits here and there...

am i going in the right direction?

thanks for all the help so far