Override and Nitrous - Escape

The Nitrous

Mar 12, 2005
Montreal, Canada
Hello, here is my latest tune done with my buddy Override.
Let me know if you wanna have the full tune, I'll send it to ya.

Download it HERE

Thanks for listening and some feedback would be appreciated.


wrong section man, theres an area called 'New Talent and Track Reviews'
post your next tunes in there mate (y)

this should be in a computer game... i like it.

reminds me old skool games. i'd want to here some 8-bit quick arps. lost its energy with out it being a breakdown at 1:17 the lost energy could be fixed. maybe go half time or something so it sounds more intentional strip things out with a bit more skill.

very dancefloor, has a potential. dunno about that saw bass, but then im not a fan of that kind of cheesy sound. dont think that its the right thing for this tune, i dont think a reese would sit either. try some variants man.


去年的吸血鬼卖座大片《暮光之城》的续集《暮光之城:新月》,昨日曝光首张剧照 ——群“狼族”青年赤膊亮相:查斯科·斯宾塞、亚历克斯·莫拉兹、凯欧瓦·高登和布朗森·佩尔提埃。他们将在《暮光之城》中加入泰勒·拉特尼尔阵营。这群狼族青年和“素食”吸血鬼阵营完全不同,体温高达108度,仿佛是从健身房刚刚出来。
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