overflow - potential request

Yes it has potential,i would suggest you to pitch up that snare or change it completely sound to flat,nice basslines going on here and percussion also,and for the end try adding more variation it seems from 00:45 to the end is just one single loop with some fx added...
thanks a lot for the reply. i think i will work further on the track.

you're right. after the 00:45 theres a 16bar loop going on. i just invested most of the time into the bassline.
Time for some real-talk yeah?

I thought this was fucking wicked and I really hope you keep working on it.

Right now it sounds like it's building up to become something huge, massive and messy, lot's of tension building in there, you've got my head nodding but if you want people to jump up and down with their hands in the air I think you need to bring in some breaks and mess with the rhythm of the bass and things.

But seriously, the noises that are there now are great, keep at it!
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