Over thinking mix construction??

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    Hey DnBforum! I have been DJing for about 2 years now. My set up consists of two turntables (for playing vinyl), a single CD-deck and a 3 channel mixer. I have never played out or anything and would consider myself a hobbyist (bedroom DJ)

    I mostly play out Jungle and Garage

    Anyway my issue is that I feel I over stress myself about getting the "perfect set" It's no problem when having a spontaneous session by myself or with friends as I am never recording and it's all about fun.. but when I want to knuckle down and perform a good mix to record and upload somewhere I often find myself taring my hair out over stuff. For example; what track to begin with, what track to end with, If the mix seems consistent (good energy throughout), If the mix is interesting, If it's "too much", how long it should be, if I should deviate from the mood and even mash up different genres and what not (again thinking if it would be interesting) not to mention finding cue points and figuring out stuff like that.. It just annoys me because I think about this stuff so much I end up getting pissed off and start messing up my beat matching and just loose the feel. My set up limits me aswell as I HAVE to mix my CD's with vinyl since I lack a second CD deck. Isn't usually a problem but sometimes I wish I could mix two mp3's together ya know.

    I mean I could just record one of those fun spontaneous sessions.. but it's so full of rewinds and mess ups that it just wouldn't seem appropriate to share as a "mix" lol

    As an artist (illustration is my job by the way) I am naturally a perfectionist I guess...

    But just thought id'e share my frustration (y)
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    Best thing to do man is just do the best you can, upload it, send to a bunch of mates and put it on here, gain some feedback and then do another one.

    You'll never progress if no one can comment and advise you further if you don't finish anything.

    Hope that helps
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    Certainly helped me way back.

    Post something up on members mixes, and as long as you feedback on other peoples mixes, they will generally do the kind thing and return the favour.

    I am much like yourself a perfectionist...took me a while to break that mould.
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    I think many DJ's have this issue - I know I have.

    I tend to find anything I overthink generally lacks the energy or vibe that I get from just a live mix. In fact I've taken to recording anything I want to put up on Soundcloud live whilst streaming - be it on the radio station I play on or on other streaming sites. Yes, sometimes it's not perfect - but I find having people to play to gives me that edge I need to get in the zone and do what I do best.