Outrage: Backlash Re-Launch, K-Mag Mix,Free Mp3s+New website

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    The Backlash Is Back !!!!

    CAT NO: BLR003


    Following up their critically-acclaimed Red Letter LP, Digital and Outrage link up for Outrage’s Backlash Records with “Eclipse”, a dub-soaked number to start 2010 proper! Lead by a thumping kick, this one is a dub-lovers dream, flowing with loads of effects, echo and perfectly-timed ragga vocals. There’s a lot of space in this one, allowing the elements to breathe, and the atmospherics feel like the soundtrack to the moon overtaking the sun. On the flip, Outrage’s “K Zero 9” finally makes it way to the record bins. This one has been tearing things down in its slow-burning venom, and is the perfect lick to get the party started, or send a ready crowd into a frenzy with its hypnotic bass. While the dub-side of Drum & Bass seems to be almost forgotten, its good to know that the torchbearers are still around, injecting tough riddims for those who know.

    -Khal (dogsonacid.com)

    Release Date: February 22nd 2010

    DJ Support: Grooverider, Goldie, Randall, Doc Scott, Storm, Amit, Loxy, Marcus Intalex, Raiden, Tech Itch, Spirit, A-Sides

    Click here for audio on Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/digital-and-outrage

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    Backlash Records
    Email: info@backlashrecords.co.uk

    www.backlashrecords.co.uk We are proud to present the new Backlash website!

    We’ve worked hard over the last few months to create a place that can be the hub of all things Backlash. Here you can learn about new releases and artists, find new media, and much more. Subscribe to the newsletter on the main page(bottom right hand corner) for upfront news, exclusive mixes and free tracks. Connect with us through our blog and social media or listen to our MP3 downloads; at the end of the day, all we want to do is make you dance.

    This is a huge step for Backlash and we are excited for you to be a part of it!

    The Backlash Team


    Exclusive K-Mag Interview and mix

    Having taken a year out to teach music in Thailand, Outrage is back on the beats and feeling happier in the studio than he's ever been. He explains why the time is right to relaunch his label Backlash.


    1. K Zero 9 - Outrage (Backlash Records 003 - full release Feb 22nd 2010)
    2. Make Or Break - Outrage (Backlash Records 004 - March/May 2010)
    3. Stampede - Digital + Outrage (Backlash Records 004 - March/May 2010)
    4. Twisted - Outrage (Backlash Records 005 - March/May 2010)
    5. Work For It!!!
    6. Final Demand - Digital + Outrage (S.P.Y. Remix) (Function Records Dub)
    7. Lifeline - Digital + Outrage (Function Records Dub)
    8. Rhinosaur - Outrage + Phil Source (Dub)
    9. Armshouse - Outrage (Tech Itch Remix) (Function Records Dub)
    10. Pinch - Digital + Outrage (from Red Letter LP on Function Records)
    11. New Faces - Outrage (Backlash Records 005 - March/May 2010)
    12. Tokyo - Amit (Dub)
    13. Last Chants - Amit + Outrage (Dub)
    14. The Joker - Outrage + Phil Source (Dub)
    15. Weather Man - Digital (Function Dub)
    16. Logged In - Digital (Function Records Dub)
    17. Eclipse - Digital + Outrage (Backlash Records 003 - full release Feb 22nd 2010)
    18. Darkest Fear - Outrage (free download at www.backlashrecords.co.uk available Feb 22nd 2010)
    19. Absit Omen - Outrage (Backlash Records Dub)