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The Watcha

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Jan 17, 2009
Winchester, UK
Looks like the festival promoters are going in the same vein as Sun and Bass Recordings

First up is Icicle, around 31st August, with a vinyl release

Everybody Riot (ft Skittles)
Remember Me
My Hearts A Lemon


Was just thinking about the drum and bass tunes that Skittles has been on the other day. Everybody Riot takes off where Problem ended. Very much liking the funk that the ice man is bringing again all together and on this release. Interested to hear the 3rd tune as only 2 audios up on Redeye at the moment :-/


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Oct 11, 2011
"Everybody Riot" isn't too bad but as a whole it really does sound whiter than Trump's inauguration rally.
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