DnB Outer Mass - White Lies (Remixes) [TF004]


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Mar 26, 2015
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Terra Firma proudly presents a six-track remix EP of Outer Mass's sumptuous 'White Lies'. Six busy DnB up and comers have added their own twist to the well-received liquid roller from Outer Mass's debut EP. The stellar remixes from Revaux, Telomic, Low:r, Kumarachi, Redemptive and Low5 aim to push new boundaries and prove that Drum & Bass has variety in droves. First up, brothers Joe and Ru (Revaux) showcase their artistry by bringing the style and the groove with their bouncy approach to the track. Established experimental EDM producer Elliot Berger, has been going from strength to strength since his decision to produce Drum & Bass under the alias Telomic. Here, he enters new ground with a thunderous rework, providing percussive power to our ears.

Off the back of his bouncy liquid gem 'Harmonize It', Low:r, once again delivers the liquid love with a truly majestic remix. Nottingham Junglist, Kumarachi, delivers copious amounts of ever-moving bass with his hard-hitting dancefloor rework.

Hailing from Denmark, 22-year-old liquid lover Rolf Debois (Redemptive), delves into the future with his unique satisfying electronic approach to Drum & Bass. Finally, Dutchman Low5, adds to his repertoire by presenting a journey full of flowing vibes and emotions in an organic piece.

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