Drum & Bass OUT TODAY - Extent VIP 013 - Supported by Mind Vortex, Optiv, No Money, LAOS and mo

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    Extent VIP presents -
    Shapes of Bass

    Release Date: 15th Oct 2012

    Extent VIP Recordings delivers Shapes of Bass, the new single from Dwayne & Kale. The single is backed with a remix by Ben Kama, on a label which is well known in the underground music scene. Extent has established a name for itself with quality releases on a monthly basis, firmly on the side of original and fresh music in the minimal, deep and hardstep/hardtech areas of drum & bass.

    Finnish brothers Dwayne & Kale started making music three years ago, and their adventures have taken them in the direction of Extent. Let their music in turn take you on a journey into space and time, as the original version of Shapes of Bass immediately hits you between the ears with a heavyweight bass drum, enough to catch any speaker set on fire. But that’s not the only thing happening here, as you’ll also pick up the tinkle of Indian bells, and some light synth touches. Balance and tonality are key elements here, as the track picks up and heads in a different direction. After the heavy intro, the track moves into more reflective, open territory, and hints of melody can be detected amidst the storm. Dwayne & Kale provide many different shades within the same track, but without losing momentum or ideas. Shapes of Bass has to be heard to be believed.

    Ben Kama’s remix is as amazing as the original, taking elements of the brothers’ work, and re-engineering them in delicate and deft ways. A stretched out bass plays with your mind whilst the beat is regularised, and things are wrapped together with consummate ease. Those who love their drum & bass serious and considered will *not* be disappointed by the combined efforts of Shapes of Bass.

    1. Dwayne & Kale - Shapes Of Bass
    2. Dwayne & Kale - Shapes Of Bass (Ben Kama Remix)

    DJ support includes:
    Mind Vortex, Optiv, No Money, LAOS, Chris SU, Rregula, Treo, NC-17, Billian, Stanza, Agent Alvin + extensive support on Bassdrive!

    LISTEN HERE: http://soundcloud.com/extentviprecordings
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