Out today - D&B promos & releases 3rd July

CIARR001 Total Science – Make Me Feel (String VIP) / (Original Mix) [C.I.A.] A B
GRIDUK013 Twisted Individual – Hand Grenade (Clipz remix) / (Original Mix) [Grid] A B
RHC01 Infinite / Usual Suspects – Hardware Classics: Beachball / Therapy [Renegade Hardware] A B
RH77 various – The Vendetta EP [Renegade Hardware]
a. N.phect – Slith listen
b. System Noise – Unto Jah listen
c. EBK – Soma listen
d. The Riot – Crowd Control listen
e. Gremlinz – The Thorn listen
f. Tetradin – Brainwave Assassin listen
BAR18 Donny / TZA – Battle of the Continents: The Forgotten / Hunker Down [Barcode] A B

ST Holdings
720NU025 Blame – Skyline / Desert Planet [720 Degrees] listen
CRISIS003 Redeyes – Drama Revenge / Community [Crisis] listen
DSCI4EP007PT2 Pacific – Modern Age EP Part 2: Release Me / Someone Else [DSCI4] listen
ORG019 Resound – Children of Jah (Original) / (Digital remix) [Orgone] listen
SHA008 various – Shogun Assassins EP Vol. 1 [Shogun Audio] listen
a. Commix – Faceless
b. K-Tee – Hypnotize
c. Teebee – Lost
d. Breakage & SP:MC – The Lurgie
SOULR020 Mist:i:cal – Just A Little Herb (feat. Ras T-weed) / Memory Jog [Soul:R] listen
SUPER8001 Big Bud / Bachelors of Science vs Tunnel Vision – Dimbobs / The Pressure [Super8Sound] listen

Nu Urban
BPRINT001 Jaydan – Partyline (Generation Dub remix) / (Original Mix) [Blue Print] A B
REDSPIDER001 J Majik & Wickaman – Crazy World (feat. Kathy Brown) / Fiddlers Elbow [Red Spider] A B
MINDR009 Gremlinz & Stranjah – Banshee / N.I.C. [Mindrush] A B
PRG005 Random Movement – Infinate / They Locked Me Down [Progress] A B
RAW001 Solman-X (Sol) – Submerged / Headwreck [Raw] A B
SGR008 Sketch & Code – I Can’t Stop / Caffeine [Solid Ground] A B

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FFRECS003 Greenfly / Stand Alone – Outer Rim / Stealth [Frequency Factory]
TI048 Current Value – Full Spectrum Warrior / Strange Peace [Tech Itch]
DEAD007 DJ Flatliner – Moody Horizons / Hold On [Deadly]

RAMM60 Sub Focus – Airplane / Flamenco [Ram] A B
BETA017 John B – I’ve Been Stalking You On Myspace (12” DnB Mix) / Fashion [Beta] A B
VTB001 Dillinja – ’96 Thing / Electroboogie [VTB] A B
EXIT003 L.I.S. / Calibre – The Key / Overation [Exit]
VRECSUK012 Tommy Boy / Tommy Boy & Distorted Minds – Love & Happiness / In The City [V Recordings] A B
BINGO045 DJ Zinc – E3 / Funny [Bingo] A B
NHS109 Danny Byrd – Dog Hill / Fresh 89 [Hospital] A B
LQD015 various – The Big Picture EP 1 [Liquid V]
a. Calibre – Same Ole listen
b. Clipz – Good Vibrations listen
c. Kabuki & Makoto – Look of Love listen
d. Basic Operations – Drifting on an Aspect listen
SCR002 DJ Acucrack – Loudmouth / Chronic [Secure] A B

ST Holdings
AM001 Alaska – Ancestral / Shiver [Arctic Music] A B
CRUNCH006 Verse & Phobia – Volatile / The Glimmer [Crunch] A B
DRP003T Dom & Roland – Hear My Call / Electric Smile [Dom & Roland Productions]
ENM001 Teebee / Teebee, Form & Mike Engine – Don’t Lie To Me / Postmodern [Engine Music] A B
OBSE007 Rawthang / Munk – Push / Ferocity [Obsessions] A B
PC061 Code Blue & The Panacea – Graveyard Twist / Headstone Shuffle [Position Chrome] A B
PM012 Paradox – The Unspoken Divide / Give The Drummer Some [Paradox Music] A B

Nu Urban
20KOHM Submerged / Enduser – Servant (Tech Itch remix) / The Return [OHM Resistance] A B
CYMBLTD001R Contour – Moving Higher (Muffler remix) / (Basic Operations remix) [Cymbalism] A B
DST001 Nightwalker / Panik – Point Break / Absolute Zero [Disturbing Science] A B
NBEATS001 UK Apache feat. J Frequency – Badman (Original Mix) / (MC Version) [Nuttah Beats] A B
NVRLTD002 Rareform – The Daddy (feat. Ray Winston) / Amores Perros [NV Limited] A B

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PHUZION004 Blu Mar Ten / J Laze – Piriative / Nod To The God [Phuzion] A B
SHOUT011 Unknown – Badman Forward / Joy [Shout] A B
REBOU005 Unknown – Fell The Air (Elements) / Gregorys Girl [Rebound] A B