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    Out-Or is a creator and experimenter of synthesizer and sampler based music from Tallinn. His musical career started in early 1990s with primitive tools like Soviet synthesizers and crappy tape decks, which was later replaced with computers and other electronic tools. His music is a combination of old school acid and rave vibrations mixed with modern experimental groove.

    Out-Or live @ Tallinn Music Week 2014:

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    DJ Austin Cassell made an excellent mix of Out-Or’s tracks. This mix includes tracks from Out-Or’s forthcoming releases on Virtual Urban Records and Lejal Globe. We supported this mix also @ today’s Lejal’Nyte radioshow on Sub FM.

    Ex-Future Music radio host Austin Cassell hosts a monthly show on Intergalactic FM – providing a diverse range of new electronic music with exclusive guest sets. More info @ https://intergalacticfm.com/page/austin_cassell/

    Out-Or mixed by DJ Austin Cassell: