Label Out on Monday! Two Seven Records: Lost Cities EP

Out on Monday!
Two Seven Records:
Lost Cities EP

Released: 10th September 2012 / LABEL LAUNCH - TSR001

Press Release
Every now and again something very special happens in Drum and Bass, where a new artist, movement or label breaks through. This EP marks the start of a journey for a brand new look in Drum and Bass known as Two Seven Records, and they proudly present to you a beautifully crafted 5 track EP known as the Lost Cities EP.

Head man Drifta aka Chris Demello is no stranger to the music business, he’s had vast array of releases across a multitude of different genres, along with regular plays and support across the airwaves of Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Drifta has worked alongside artists such as Swift Mack Milli, Spookasonic and The Manor to name a few and Two Seven Records marks the start of the next chapter in his highly successful music career!

First up an emotional and atmospheric track called Half Moon Cay by Drifta. Featuring an array of big sweeping pads and gorgeous vocals, this track takes you to places far away where you’re sure to discover the Lost Cities. Specialist Sound delivers a much more upbeat track by the name of Connected which merges the sounds of modern liquid with the sounds of tech. Whilst the track is driven by a fast bouncing break and deep warm sub bass, it maintains a cool and calm feeling by using layers of warm pads and vocal adlibs.

For the 3rd track on this epic EP Drifta delivers one of his finest pieces of work called Never Be Alone. Clear influences from an array of different genres can be found here, as this track pulls together a mixture of sounds in to a tightly crafted dance floor anthem.

Oversight goes to work on Diversions by AudioSketch with a half speed remix which leads the listener in to a relaxed and ambient space where they can become lost in the music. Incredible production skills coupled with an understanding of soundscapes makes this track a clear favourite on the EP. To close the Lost Cities EP Subsonik delivers an amazing remix of Drifta’s feature track Half Moon Cay. Never before has Drumstep sounded so good as Subsonik compliments this wonderfully composed track!

The Lost Cities EP is a great representation of modern drum and bass, and is an essential to anyone’s collection for 2012!
DJ Support for this release includes:
Doc Scott, LAOS, Basher, Bass Tikal, Danny Wheeler, Komatic, Stanza, Mutated Forms, Stunna, Livewire.

1: Drifta - Half Moon Cay / 2: Specialist Sound - Connected
3: Drifta - Never Be Alone / 4: AudioSketch - Diversions (Oversight Remix)
5: Drifta - Half Moon Cay (Subsonik Remix)