Out now Vengeance003 Dead Evil Remixes by Bladerunner & Nightwalker [Vinyl/MP3]

Vengeance 003 Dead Evil Remixes available now on vinyl & mp3 download...

A Double bill of Drum & Bass Nastiness.. The Cellar Remix by Bladerunner favoured by BBC 1xtra's DJ Crissy Cris & the Nightwalker Remix Swallow your Soul..

DJ Vengeance re-launches his label with two heavy releases from two heavy Drum and Bass artists. On the A side you're treated to a bass-heavy minimal mix of Vengeance's 'The Cellar' and on the flip Nightwalker slaps you in the face with about 1000 basses. Big release from this label and we're looking forward to the next release. -Nu Urban Music

Would you like to know more...? pls check out the release homepage: http://www.vengeancerecordings.co.uk/Vengeance003-Dead_Evil_Remixes.html

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