Out Now - U,K. D&B Promos & Releases - with audio!

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    Out Now - U,K. D&B Promos & Releases 2nd Oct.

    MTRR017 Matrix & Sonic – Flashlight / The Prophet [Metro] A B
    TECH002LP3 various – Street Technique Part 3 [Technique]
    a. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Cape Fear listen
    b. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Subsonic listen
    c. Skyver & D Jon – Knockout listen
    d. Skyver, D Jon, E-Theory & Mark 7 – Gimme Something listen
    BB1222 Seba & Krazy – Nebula / Pipeline [Bassbin] A B
    CRIT024 SKC & Bratwa / Futurebound – Pain (Brookes Brothers remix) / Fritenight [Critical] A B
    SOSTUD010 Mathematics & Tactile – Espirit / Thrill of the Hunt (feat. Spinline) [Social Studies] A B
    SHA010 Klute – Revolution / Most People Are Dicks [Shogun Audio] A B
    UPR008 Universal Project – Nu Born / Outrun (Aspect & Gremlinz remix) [Universal Project] A B
    HZN015 Sabre – Language Barrier / Cellar Dweller [Horizons] A B
    PM013 Alaska & Nucleus – Azure / Elusion Theme (version) [Paradox Music] A B
    COV023 ASC / Cryo – Bad Dreams / Girls & Their Demons [Covert Operations] A B
    DSR011 TC – Jump / Flatline [D-Style] A B
    EASYDJ037 Ragga Twins vs Riddla – Colly / Riders [Easy] A B
    MNB031 J Frequency – Bam Bam / Bounty Hunter [Mix N Blen] A B
    SPEAR008 Submorphics / BCee & Lomax – Miles Ahead / Dusk Til Dawn (Danny Byrd remix) [Spearhead] A B

    BINGO052 Sonic – Saigon Traffic / Dreamscape [Bingo] A B
    FQY026 DJ Samurai – Sound With Fire / Artemis [Frequency] A B
    ADVR023 Funky Technicians – Tuff Guy / Call Me [Advanced] A B
    DIS019 Stress Level, TC1 & Chris SU – Waves / Free [Dispatch] A B
    06SR002 ES9 – Let It Go (Original Mix) / (Futurebound remix) [06S Records] A B
    OK004 The Panacea – Carborundum / Calcifer [Off Key] A B
    PC062 The Panacea / Raiden – Anti-Funk (Raiden remix) / Pizdets [Position Chrome] A B
    OSMUK001 Dekota – After Life / Never Run Away [Osiris Music] A B
    DUTTY002 J Frequency – Children of Jah / Don’t Run Away [Dutty] A B
    GAIN025 Harm – Scary (Original Mix) / (Audio & Mackie remix) [Gain] A B
    LIQWEED006 Generation Dub – Come Home / Magic Word [Liqweed Ganja] A B
    REAPA004 GPK – Vector Sigma (D.Wolf & T.Snake remix) / The Garden [Reapa] A B
    SD003 Silva D – One Blood / Love & Hate [Sounds Devious] A B
    SPEAR007 Alix Perez / Redeyes – All Alone / Behind Closed Doors [Spearhead] A B
    KINETIC006 Kinetic – Jupiter / Torsion [Kintetic] A B
    FREAK022 various – The Priest And The Beast EP [Freak]
    a. Corrupt Souls – Wounds N Plaster listen
    b. Raiden – I Hate You Motherf**kers (feat. GG Alin) listen
    c. Corrupt Souls & Raiden – Sage Sour listen
    d. Raiden – Medusa listen