Label Out Now: Triamer on T3K Recordings (FREE 320 INSIDE)!!!


Nov 16, 2009
T3K Recordings is proud to announce releases by Triamer (see info and audio below)
including a free tune called "Psyho Clown (check it in this post below)!

The releases are available here and in other shops as well:

Please scroll down to get all info, audio and links!


T3K gives out this tune by Triamer for free!
It is pure Triamer Stomp and if you like it look
out for more Triamer tracks now out on T3K Recordings
(see T3K-EXT007, T3K022 and T3K-EXT007). Dont miss these!




T3K comes correct with Triamer and Exiva and their tune
"No One Can Stop Us" on T3K-EXT007. Triamer, from Krasnodar (Russia),
released on SCPTX, Suspect Device and Sustained (here the really
nasty tune "Hospital" was brought to the world). A collab with Gancher
and Ruin is signed on PRSPCT and can be expected to be released soon,
plus a four track EP is to be scheduled on Dark Box Recordings.
Exiva is a young producer who just released a track on Temper D Productions,
hailing from Kiev (Ukraine) and known for running Synchronize Recordings.
The tune itself is a missile aiming for the dancefloor with a highly effective
warhead: people will get hit by this and instantly start to dance!

Audio Preview:


More Sickness from Triamer is coming your way with this EP:
4 tracks with this trademark sound and structure reinforce
your dancefloor artillery with quality ammunition. After
"No One Cant Stop Us" with Exiva was brought to you as
T3K-EXT007, it is now time to check out this quality
release containing reece packed "Evil VIP", "Last
Chance", "Resistance" and "Kruyk" (with Redkin).
Expect heavy bombing sound on this one...

Audio Preview:


Triamer continues his releases on T3K with this EP and
delivers more reece madness in a very dancefloor-oriented
manner combined with catchy synth hooks and a drive which
could be described best as "straight". This package is a
convincing product of Eastern Europe-style, not designed to
make a big revolution but to bring highly efficient dancefloor
material to the DJs who want to mix proper techno influenced

Audio Preview:

Check info here:

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