Label Out Now: The T3K EP by Absurd/Bioforms/Exiva/Mefjus [T3K023]


Nov 16, 2009

This is the first EP on T3K combining different approaches to technoid
Drum N Bass, made in different parts of the world and with different
conceptions and so bringing different people together on one EP. But
all these tracks have something in common: they try to put reece based
structures according to actual sound standard as one basic aspect. And
you can be sure these guys do not fail this intention: "Rape" by Absurd
(a crew of 3 producers, Googah, C7d01 and Pasha, from St Petersburg and
Novosibirsk) kicks it with well done dynamic stab layers on top of
edited reeces, "Bad Earth" by Bioforms aka Dephzac and Goro from Slovakia
is a good combination of musical composition and dancefloor oriented rinse
out, "Antimagnetic" by Exiva is a simple but effective weapon for a tight
DJ set using circling loop based reeces and "The Dice" by Austrian Wunderkind
Mefjus which is mainly based on neurofunk-groove and neurotech-oriented structure...

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