OUT NOW - Spinline - Radioactive / Groove Scam

Out Now on SGN:LTD

Spinline are a crew of three producers who have steadily been making a name of themselves since their first release came to light back in 2005 on labes such as L Plates, Frequency, SOM and Dispatch. Never ones to sleep on talent we now invite them for their debut release on SGN:LTD and keeping with the samurai code it's absolutely deadly.

Hitting things off on the A-side is 'Radioactive' with it's strung out intro of warm major chords and whiplash snares that set things up for a nasty drop of undulating bass and a sparse break. Echoed vox and distorted synth stabs then follow that warn us to keep away of this throbbing slice of off-kilter D&B but for some reason, you just can't.

'Groove Scam' on the flip is a totally funked up foot skanker by comparison with yet more typically SGN:LTD beats but with quirky fx and a bassline that just won't quit! Fans of the Rockwell and Sabre sounds take note, this one's for you, completing another awesome 12" for SGN:LTD.

Out now on Vinyl HERE

Out Now on digital download HERE


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Grabbed the Radioactive 320 promo off the site a week ago...not too happy with the quailty of it sounds quite iffy, I wasnt the only one to remark this too...