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    eeezzz people,

    the .shadybrain music releases for march are now available through our site www.shadybrain.net

    tunes are:

    Bad Robot - Unjust Intentions From Platoneous 9 - shadybrain00305001

    Milo - Black Hawk Down VIP - shadybrain00305002
    Nocturnal - Pharynx - shadybrain00305003
    Stare - Lime - shadybrain00305004

    Each and every month the shadybrain camp tries to provide high quality beats for your listening pleasure. This month we got four baad tunes covering a nice range of dnb styles. Bad Robot`s tune "Unjust Intentions From Platoneus 9" is a rinsin dancefloor killer starting of with a nice melody and evolving into some serious switch up business. Also we got Milo`s long awaited masterpiece "Black Hawk Down VIP". This tune is the pure funk including driving subs and razor sharp beats. The third tune "Pharynx" was programmed by two mad Australians living in London called Nocturnal. These two boys have just been discovered by Renegade Hardware but guess who releases their debut ;) Last but not least there is Stare again with some fresh liquid vibes called "Lime". We hope that you`ll enjoy these tunes as much as we do! :]

    each tune is available as 320 MP3 on our site www.shadybrain.net.
    costs are 1,59 euro per tune.

    if you want to help us promoting please bring this information to all the local boards, etc....

    your shadybrainz

    also take your time to check our backstock:

    Stare - Gulfstream - Shadybrain00704001
    Pyro feat Kimera - So Unsure - Shadybrain00704002
    Phace - Blacksmoker - Shadybrain00704003
    Destination Unknown - Cylon - Shadybrain00704004
    N.Phect & Diz:play - Inside The Hive - Shadybrain00804001
    Pyro & 154 - Snowflakes - Shadybrain00804002
    Polarity - Saege -Shadybrain00804003
    Stare - Flush -Shadybrain00804004
    D-Struct - Rune - Shadybrain01004001
    Cyb Orc People - From South - Shadybrain01004002
    Cyb Orc - Simulant - Shadybrain01004003
    Body and Soul - Beatiful Things - Shadybrain01004004
    N.Phect - Neon City - Shadybrain01204001
    Syncopix - Chaud Et Calme - Shadybrain01204002
    Bad Robot - Chocolate Candy - Shadybrain01204003
    RDS - Maoi - Shadybrain01204004
    Pyro-Out Of Bounds-shadybrain00205001
    Stare-Get To It-shadybrain00205003
    Robot Death Squad-Soccum-shadybrain00205004
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