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● Salaryman - Your Own Story EP [NVR004: OUT NOW!!!] ●

Nu Venture Records and Salaryman have joined forces to bring you the 3 track Your Own Story EP. Including a Salaryman remix of Toronto Is Broken Feat. Marnie - Lights. Toronto is broken has previously featured as an NVR Guest Mix artist, in which he was the first to play the Salaryman edit in a public mix.

Salaryman brings a different direction to Nu Venture Records for NVR004, whilst maintaining the familiar NVR sound and feel. The EP commences with the dark sinister vibes of Your Own Story, through to the deep jagged electro triplet Drum & Bass style of Hypnotizing. Completed with style by the high energy dance floor smasher that is Salaryman's Lights Remix.

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► NVR004: Salaryman - Your Own Story EP Track Listing:

(A) Salaryman - Your Own Story:
The title track, Your Own Story, brings a down tempo feel to this release. Reflecting the eclecticism of this EP by featuring compelling enigmatic eastern guitar and enchanting vocals, integrated with warm atmospheres and a sinister bassline this should take your imagination on a dark mystical journey.

(B) Salaryman - Hypnotizing:
Hypnotizing is Salaryman's jagged electro influenced take on triplet Drum & Bass. Composed to great effect using; deep bass, sharp drums, intensity boosting pads and memorising vocals, this is a track that can hypnotize any dance floor.

(C) Toronto Is Broken Feat. Marnie - Lights (Salaryman Remix):
The original mix was released last year, by talented producer Toronto is Broken, who is now signed to Sub Slayers record label. The Salaryman edit, courtesy of Dual Signal Records, brings a new level of energy to this remix. Combining epic leads and heavy bass, accompanied by the original vocals of Marnie, to give this bouncy track a real dance floor feel. The long uplifting intro lends itself to being the perfect set opener, sure to get any crowd moving.

► Listen to the FULL EP here:

> NVR004: Salaryman - Your Own Story EP Track Listing: ●

► Salaryman - Hypnotizing
► Toronto Is Broken Feat. Marnie - Lights (Salaryman Remix)
► Salaryman - Your Own Story

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Released by: Nu Venture Records
Release/catalogue number: NVR003
Release date: Sept 20, 2012