Drum & Bass OUT NOW - Roy Green and Protone - Mosaic/End Game

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    Roy Green & Protone


    RELEASE: MAY 28th 2012

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    Inform Records are proud to bring to you Mosaic / End Game, an exciting new release from producers Roy Green and Protone. Adding to the long line of European producers who are taking the Drum and Bass world by storm and hailing from Camo and Krooked’s native Austria, Roy Green and Protone offer up skilful production and slick beats.

    The A side Mosaic is dark and atmospheric with a brooding underground feel that is exaggerated by the echoing and distorted vocals. The pace is kept by a swinging kick that safely contains the dynamics of the track before layering the final piece of the puzzle with warping synths patterns. The Tracks gains momentum towards the end and speeds up perfectly combining the layers to create a perfect roller
    On the flip, End Game changes the pace slightly with more sound distortion and ominous echoes, offering a stripped back and basic track that still ticks all the boxes. Similar to the dark techy sound you would expect from Metalheadz, End Game sets the bar for uncomplicated but expert production. Much like Mosaic, the pace changes and becomes much faster and even darker with aggressive drum patterns and scientific samples.

    Set to catapult Roy Green and Protone to household name status, Mosaic/End Game is definitely a perfect inclusion to any DJ’s set list.

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