Label Out Now: Proton Kid - "Stab" [T3K029]

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    The name Proton Kid stands for quality! This track
    is not the only but one of the most impressing
    proofs of the skills of this master of arts. He
    is known for being a smartass and a lot of people
    think he is friendly but this is only pretended,
    his music is showing his real character:
    "Stab" is a deadly attack which can not be
    avoided. It will cut a serious gash and show
    you Proton Kid`s perfidious intentions to make
    you move!
    Besides, the main member of the Kriotek Crew
    from Romania is not restricting himself to
    writing music but also is quite a decent
    designer and meanwhile an important part of
    T3K Recordings.


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