Label Out Now: Prazno EP by Eiton [T3K020]

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    Eiton returns...with a three tracker full of creativity, energy
    and punch! T3K Recordings is again very proud to bring another
    proof of Eiton`s abilities, skills and conceptions. "Prazno" is
    21st century low-rider music, designed to be pumped both in car
    stereo and on club PA, "Thorax" is attacking with proper stabs
    and a structure that takes your breath, and a very effective
    instrument to make people dancing instantly, and the remix on
    "Two Thousand Now" is just a very intelligent manipulation of
    a tune by Kaiza featuring Try and Error (which was released on
    Mind Outside MOS020) some time ago. This collection is a must
    have! No fillers here...

    Audio Preview:

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