[OUT NOW] Prato ft Adrienne - On A Break / KidChameleon Remix


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For our next release we present to you an original from Prato, host of Frosted Breaks, the longest running US show on NSBradio. A party groove with an amazing vocal from Adrienne. A 140bpm jungle remix with an old skool deep vibe comes from NSBradio DJ Manager Hugo aka Kid Chameleon.
Support from Rennie Pilgrem, Jay Cunning & Warrior One.

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Prato ft Adrienne - On a Break [YF011]
Prato ft Adrienne - On a Break (KidChameleon Remix) [YF011]
Jay Cunning (Sub Slayers) - Really like the jungle vibes and sweet vocals - works really well.
Mr Nohands (Mixmag) - Nice werkz prato!
Jaime (Distorsion Records) - The original is very good with nice melodies, but I prefer the remix with that old skool touch gives him strength and that very great ambience!
D*funk (Up:start Records) - Thanks for sending, will def play the original. Cheers...
Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - Really like the KC remix and cant wait to hear that bass on a good system! My favourite to play is the original and will try and support both, but Original gets my full support. Good solid production, great vocal and has a commercial appeal, which catches the ear nicely.
Duane Barry (Digital Sensations) - Ace package! I love the original really bouncy and probably my favourite I've heard from Prato so far! Wicked soundscapes in the KC mix - support from me
Inconspicuous villian - Really diggin the original, but the Kid Chameleon Remix is LUSH!
Mr Nobody (NSBradio) - Another great release this! can`t really decide which is the best here as they both shine and fit well at diffrent times.
Mobius (NSBradio) - The best thing I've heard from Kid Chameleon yet, will support
Kickflip - Both wicked tracks! Original's bounciness fits my vibe more but a great retro rolling rework from Kid Chameleon as well.
Llupa - Dig the original - great party vibe and the vocal nails it - sweet track that'll get some great rotation! KC remix is great - such a cool vibe to this tune, proper old skool outdoor lushness great release full support here - both are quality.
John Grief (Definition:Breaks) - Kid Chameleon really has some wicked jungle vibes goin in his remixes recently and this one is top class. Will do some damage.....
The Scientifics (VIM Records) - Original is really great with killer vocals. Support.....
Run Riot (We Are Live Records) - Boss oldskool Jungle vibe in the Kid Chameleon remix - can imagine this spinning at home as well as the club!
Youthful Implants (Future Perfect Records) - Fantastic stuff. Kid Chameleon remix is sounding pretty classic actually.
Scritch - Nice juan, it's great to see this kind of quality coming out of the NSB family and being pushed by the YF. :) Both of these are both good tunes - the production value is quite high on both versions of the track. After several listens, I think I prefer the remix... I haven't really been overwhelmed by the 140 BPM jungle movement, but this is a lovely piece of work and I really like the spatial qualities of the tune due to the dubby horn samples and reverb. The vocal treatment is also nice and fits well with the overarching sonic theme. I'll be supporting this on NSB and working it into a set for an annual campout that is coming up the first week of June.
Beatmassa (NSBradio) - Again awesome production from Paul Prato - Kid's remix is an excellent do-over - hard to pick a favorite between the two.
Chris (Bass Reflections) - Great release really digging both mixes. Keep up the great work. Will be supporting!

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