Out Now on Urban Veteran Recordings The Temperature EP

The Temperature EP

Next up from the mighty Urban Veteran Recordings is the 4 track DnB heavyweight known as the Temperature EP. 4 Upfront Dancefloor slammers from the likes of N Defiance, Linden D and SubReflex!

First up front man N Defiance launches the EP with his killer track entitled Temperature... an all out drum and bass assault featuring the vocal talents of Linden D. Intro’ing with big mechanical synthesis and Linden D’s strong vocal hook, the build up launches in to gritty basslines and militant beats. N Defience turns up the temperate to boiling point with a track that’s sure to melt any sound system it touches.

The second track is brought to us by SubReflex who captures the modern sound of minimal jump up perfectly with his selection known as The Optimist. Huge driving sub bass rattle the speaker box whilst layers of subtle synths create a daunting and eerie lead. A huge wide clap replaces the modern day snare whilst piano’s and pads reminiscent of old school cult classics add great character. N Defiance delivers his second track on the Temperature EP by the name of Dutty Gutter Funk, an exhibition of crazy warped basslines which morph in to in to sounds you’ve never heard before. Showing his ability to keep the Dancefloor on its toes, N Defiance throws in a number of switches and big build-ups making this 4 track EP so hot, it sizzles.

To round up the EP SubReflex goes all out, in the shape of Point of Contact. Big bouncing bass stabs will have the Dancefloor in a ruckus, whilst his clever assortment of sweeping fx and dubby delays add a great sense of atmosphere to this track. Simmering down in the interlude to classic orchestral layers, this finely composed piece of music is a sure fire hit with the big players in the scene!

So get ready for 8th instalment on Urban Veteran Recordings, home to some of the biggest vocalists in the scene, and some talented producers who will raise the temperature in the drum and bass industry!