Out Now on SGN:LTD - Need For Mirrors

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    Out Now on SGN:LTD - Need For Mirrors - Gallows / Nevada


    Need For Mirrors is a prime example of how two heads can often be better than one as Mosus and HLZ join forces once more to bring us the second batch of their deliciously deadly SGN:LTD sounds. Rapidly becoming a new force to be reckoned with, Need For Mirrors are the ones to watch!

    On the A side 'Gallows' takes it away with a bassline so deep it'll shake your stomach to the core with a big stinking nasty horns, inviting you along to a dark and murky place where clearly all is not well. The hair raising energy carried by the sharpsnares and warfront sounds heighten the tension as the boys show Shogun spirit in spades, creating a true treat for those who appreciate the more sinister side of drum and bass.

    'Nevada' is a perfect accompaniment to the mood created by 'Gallows', carrying it on like a true samurai warrior, only appropriate fro SGN:LTD releases. A crisp, subtle stepper that shakes the insides with sub sea level bass and nasty kicks joined by cinematic pads that carry us away skanking deep into the Nevada dessert. Sick!

    Listen / Buy Vinyl £4.99 from HERE: http://www.shogunaudio.co.uk/shop/product.php/264/needformirrorsgallowsnevadavinyl

    Listen / Buy MP3 99p from HERE: http://www.shogunaudio.co.uk/shop/product.php/265/needformirrorsgallowsmp3
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    Big tunes. Gonna grab em as soon as I can.