Out now - Omtrek Productions OP001 - Omtrek - 'The Rockhopper E.P.'


CEO - Kevlar Beats Recordings
Yes yes, as you know I run a label called Kevlar Beats. The first release was the Omtrek EP back in February which recieved some love from various sides. Since then the label has moved to a more dancefloor side in which the Omtrek sound didn't seem to fit in alongside as they are a bit more deeper and more experimental. So to keep a highlight on them I have created a label strictly for their production, Omtrek Productions. With this we can keep pushing out a consistent body of work without compromising their integrity and pushing their sound to the fore. The first fruit from this tree is out now, The Rockhopper EP. It contains 3 tracks, Run Tune, Spin Dat and Spanked with a slight edge to the dancehall and some offkey beats. Check clips for the tracks on the sound cloud link below as well as their own independent releases and the next release out in June, the 'As If By' E.P.

Also watch out for clips of the forthcoming first full 15 track album ' Transmigration' which will be out in July.

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