OUT NOW: Marcus Intalex "21" LP (Soul:r)

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    Marcus Intalex "21" (Soul:r) is now in stores & available

    Get it for just GBP 5.99 from A Bunch of Cuts incl. bonus track 'Meltdown' feat. Calibre

    OUT NOW:

    SOULR046 Triband feat. S.P.Y / Steady (12"/mp3)
    SOULR048 Dusk / TB or Not TB? (12"/mp3)
    SOULR049 21 3x12" LP
    SOULR050 21 2xCD with disc 2 mixed by Marcus Intalex

    Also check the newly-refurbished SOULR.CO.UK and join the mailing list to receive 2 free unreleased Marcus Intalex tracks that never made it to the final cut of the album