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L Plus – Faces / Heavy Mental

Release Date: 3rd Feb 2013

iTunes http://bit.ly/LPlusFacesiT
Beatport http://bit.ly/BPortLPlus1
DNBA http://bit.ly/FacesLPLus
Techique http://bit.ly/LPlusFaces

Bratislava-based L Plus has proved over a string of heavy-duty releases that Slovakians can do D&B too. His most recent offering, the “Amazing” EP firmly established him as a major asset to the scene with an ear for the classic elements of rave music, and an uncanny talent for building an atmospheric soundscape.

And now, he's flexing those skills again in this release.

“Faces” is a perfect example of what is fast-becoming the signature L Plus style. Arpeggiated keys and gentle melodic patterns lead into a speeded-up vocal sample which harks back to nineties lighters-in-the-air moments. And then, just like rave music in the early nineties, it all goes hardcore, building into a drop that delivers powerful bass and digital bleep-riffs. Even with the madness that ensues, L Plus never loses sight of the melodic underpinning of the track, creating a monster that reintroduces the power of early raving for modern parties. And, just in case you want to ease your audience in to this sound more gently, he provides a Radio Edit to educate the mainstream.

The other track on this release is “Heavy Mental”. This is a masterclass in building and releasing tension. The intro rises and rises, using wide pads punctuated by percussive stabs to signpost things to come. Then a further lift is provided by a ladder of chords which leads straight into an explosive drop that throws a wall of energy in your face. Interplay between high and low end, melody combined with aggression, all contribute towards a tune that's a guaranteed dancefloor filler.

So, L Plus has brought his special brand of twenty-first century rave music back for another outing. “Faces” and “Heavy Mental” are tunes that will grace the sets of history-literate DJs everywhere.


1. Faces (Club Mix)
2. Faces (Radio Edit)
3. Heavy Mental

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Sorry but this is awful. In fact, skipping through Faces and Heavy Mental, I thought they were the same one for a bit. They both sound exactly the same as tunes I heard two or three years ago and I thought they were rubbish then.

I'm just surprised you guys didn't throw in a dubstep mix.

L Plus can do better and Technique can too. Used to be buy on sight, now I barely buy anything Technique.