Out now (incl. Monday shipping) D&B Promos & Releases 5th Oct.

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    RHLP12 The Horsemen presents – Revelations LP [Renegade Hardware]
    a. Spirit – Footprints listen
    b. Aspect – Underworld listen
    c. DJ Ink, Loxy & Full Clip – Grudge Bore listen
    d. Friske & Perpetuum – Villans listen
    e. Phobia – Rules of the Game listen
    f. Skitty – Harry Hardcore listen
    g. The Fix – Clutch listen
    h1. Gremlinz – Annexed listen
    h2. Horsemen Intro listen
    GRIDUK015 various – Nasty Alien Bass Job EP [Grid]
    a. DJ Spice – Nasty Bass listen
    b. Twisted Individual – Boob Job listen
    c. Twisted Individual – Alien listen
    d. JB & Dread Bass – In My Mind listen
    CITRUS025 Jade / Catacomb & Dementa – Bitch / Lost Boy [Citrus] A B
    DIS021 Atlantic Connection – Situations / Don’t Love You [Dispatch] A B
    YGTL001 YGLT (Ed Rush & Optical remix) / (Holdtight remix) [YGLT Records] A B
    FOKUZLTD011 Psidream / J-Cut – Inner Strength (feat. Hadley) / Saga [Fokuz] A B
    SGN002 Survival – Tron / Keep It Coming [SGN:LTD] A B
    SOR008 Ste.Luce – First Try / Prayer VIP [Soul Surfin Music] A B
    IME002 Andy Skopes / Andy Skopes & Madcap – Otis Drumfunk / Hear Dis [Immerse] A B
    OBSCENE014 Current Value – The Indivisible Force / Whats In It [Obscene] A B
    TMR003 Latent Notion – Mange Tout / Curse of the Claw [Transmute] A B
    WLNT001 Laroque – Bad Girls / Vishnu [Walnut] A B

    BB1221 Alix Perez – Magnolias / Backlash [Bassbin] A B
    CI006 ICR / Macc – So Unloved / End of Me [Counter Intelligence] A B
    TOV81 Drumagick – Brazuca Do Mal / Fiesta [Trouble On Vinyl] A B
    BAR20 various – Mercenaries Phase 2 [Barcode]
    a. Krusha – Pledge Allegiance listen
    b. Donny & RS – Lucifer listen
    c. T.Z.A. – 1000 Prayers (SPL remix) listen
    d. Demo – Ready For War listen
    720NU026 Blame & The Pedge – Magnitude / The Senate [720 Degrees] A B
    FG002 Unknown – Maneater (D&B remix) [Feel Good] A
    FIX020 Rawtee – Nausea / Pawn Shop [Fix] A B
    HZN013 Beta 2 & Lariman – Fool In Your Eyes / From A Dream [Horizons] A B
    FEAR004 DJ Hidden – The Dust Element / Radio Silence [Fear] A B
    SYST002 DJ Callide – Jam With Me / Why The Wait [Systemshock] A B