Label [OUT NOW] Home Alone - Acid Feast / Remixes LuQas,Access Denied,Wardian,Prato


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Llupa - hey - thanks for this! Damn, the original has a wicked groove, builds and builds.... love it. Digging the 4/4 trip Prato takes it on, Luqas takes it deeper, much deeper... Wardian's has a cool twist, AD turns it into a massive stomper. all of these are quality, which each bringing their own flavour to it, but the pick for me is the original great release guys! Tom

Yura [Breakbeat selecta] - In love with original tune. Big work from you guys!

Dan Random [NSB] - Yellow finger delivers another strong package of remixes. Access Denied Remix - builds it up then smashes it down!!!

Phill [3-Parts DJ/THUMP] - Sick release! Will defo be playing these on our radio show and at our next events! :)

Roxright [NSB] - Definitely be supporting!! :) Another solid YellowFinger release, nice variety of remixes.. Probably leaning towards the LuQas remix as the fav, but could see almost all the versions making their way into my sets at some point...

48k [YellowFinger] - Tasty release...Access Denied remix smashes it!

Fartooloud [Broken robot] - Some great stuff here. AD remix is killer for me!

Inconspicuous villian [NSB]- I really love all the mixes on this release!!!!

John Grief [Defintion Breaks] - The pick of the bunch is both the Access Denied and the Wardian remixes. The AD remix is quite a filthy beast with a nice drop - and will get the lion’s share of the plays. Good selection of remixes overall.

D*Funk [Up:startrecords] - Really feeling the stripped back LuQas version. Access Denied mix is HEAVY & typically good but the LuQas mix is the biz for me. Will pick up plays for sure! Cheers

Richie Balboa [NSB manager] - Love the original and LuQas remix, full support

Boba [Curl&Dean] - Original : Pure vibrant Home alone ;) LuQas Remix : Enter the hole of deep :) Wardian Remix : Bouncy deep & Melodic, love it ;)

Lee Martin [Dusted Breaks]- All really good tracks, but LUQAS fits into my sets best, so will support this. Good Release!

Yreane [XSSR] - Banquet for the ears. FUCKING AGREED. This is acid as it should be! And remixes from LuQas and Access Denied are for the Top10 on Beatport.
No doubt - best YF release ever.

Hoax [NSB] - Wow. Really solid release here, very difficult to pick a favorite. Loving the progged out acid vibes from the original and LuQas, but Access Denied's dance floor stomper will be sure to get the party going. Bigups!

Deckwrecker Mark [NSB] - At home in a club at 3am or on my radio show without doubt a well produced weapon

Danny Reject [NSB / Rejectbeats] - Big up YellowFinger for another wicked package! Hard to pick a winner as there all strong tracks, but the Access Denied and Prato mixes stand out for me.

- Cool stuff here, Wardian's mix winning it for me with its quirky but dancey edge. Also feeling the original and LuQas versions!

Ellgieff [NSB] - Moar acid! And a stunning list of artist on here. I'll probably play all of these at some point, but the Prato remix is my favourite (for the drums, and the pads), just ahead of LuQas' work (which has a wicked groove)

Duane Barry [Digital Sensations] - Wicked package! Original is nice, Dino's tracks always have some really interesting elements to work with and the remixers have done fantastic jobs - enjoying Prato's stomping interpretation, Wardian's twisted take, LuQas has definitely kicked it up a notch delivering something fresh and leave it to Access Denied to cause absolute carnage - full support from me!

Barrcode - F**k yeah, nice release, now all that's left is to choose which of these quality tunes to play.

The Scientifics [VIM records] - A Hell of a release! Excellent original and some nasty dope remixes.....full support on this one....Acid rules OK!

Meat Katie - I really like the LuQas & AD remixes ;)

Scritch - What a great release -- Pure Phatness. I've really been enjoying the work produced by Home Alone over the past year or so and this is no exception. It is great to see an original track being put out on Yellow Finger! Several of these track will find a home in the sets I've been putting together lately and will be receiving support on my NSB Radio show. It's hard to pick out the best mix ...

Chris [Bass reflections] - Massive release with heavy hitters from all aspects of the breaks scene! Loving this and will support all of it!

Damien Smith [Dads Disco] - This has to be one of the best tracks i have heard this year with some real heavyweight remixes outstanding

Home Alone - Acid Feast

Home Alone - Acid Feast (Prato Remix)

Home Alone - Acid Feast (Wardian Remix)

Home Alone - Acid Feast (LuQas Remix)

Home Alone - Acid Feast (Access Denied Remix)