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Jan 26, 2010
GDD026 L-Ectric & Delayed Reaction - In the Groove / Real Shocker

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This collaboration of 2 of jump up dnb's up and coming producers is next up on GDD. It brings 2 intense tracks with both producers styles blended together which provides amazing results.
In The Groove kicks off with a upbeat haunting melody, a evil atmospheric lead helps add to the mood as it drops down into the calm before the storm.

It builds up to a "killer" sample and a pitched down beat that drops you into the twisted bass assault that follows. The second drop takes things to the next level by switching up the bassline which turns the filth factor to up the max.

A Real Shocker starts with moody atmospheric pads and subtle fx give it a industrial feel, a stomping crisp beat kicks in that builds it up to a stuttered snare. As it drops, the industrial vibe continues at full force as the brutal bassline attacks. After the second drop the bassline evolves and chops and changes which really steps things up.

Both These Tracks have been getting supported by some of the biggest names in DnB, across fm and internet radio stations and at dnb events worldwide.

Supported By Dj's such as Logan D (Low Down Deep), Complex (G4N), Unix (Hustlin Beats), Connecta, Breakneck, Ashattack, Bassface Sasha, Twista, Manga, Warren B and many more.

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