OUT NOW!!! FiendReflex Ft. Gina Lola - A Better Life EP & Remixes

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    Hey guys, Here is my latest Drum'n'Bass release.
    OUT NOW (BEATPORT EXC AND CD RELEASE) on Allowance Records
    ► Fiendreflex Ft. Gina Lola - A Better Life
    Inc, REMIXES from Aces.R / Nicky Havey / Trixta UK / Quartizone
    https://goo.gl/6NBlTn (Soundcloud)

    "A Better Life EP is a beautifully crafted EP from FiendReflex & Gina Lola. This EP is set apart from all the other release's from FiendReflex with deep harmonic bass lines and strong riding drum's, A Better Life original is strong in every aspect."

    CHECK OUT THIS REVIEW on Strictly Nuskool Blogspot: http://goo.gl/26x2Mh

    It's available EXCLUSIVELY on Beatport: https://goo.gl/eqb5uq
    and on BANDCAMP: https://goo.gl/QQsxbv

    You can also get a CD copy of the release on bandcamp. All tracks are mastered & CD's printed by Audio Animals Ltd.

    Check it out and grab your copy NOW!!!