Out NOW !! Behind The Sun EP (DCR010)

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Digital Colours 10th release is a celebration of the minimal and experimental dnb that is taking the scene by storm in 2010. We experiment with moods that vary from track to track, from lighthearted and lifted, to creeping dark tones, to esoteric vibes and on to enlightenment. This EP is a perfect example of the spectrum of minimal and experimental dnb.

OUT 27TH NOVEMBER 2009 !!!

DCR010 - Behind The Sun Ep

Implex & Enei In Cocoon
Shebuzzz Autumn Sky
Vortex Involute Nothing Better
Mooncat Salvation

Implex & Enei - In Cocoon is a deep, dark and creepy track gliding along the underground corridoors of your senses. Dark, twisted and beautiful, this sound is golden.

Shebuzz - Autumn Sky takes you on a trip through the stars, with a deep, yet uplifting track to send you into a deep trance. A track, that although relaxing, is filled with positive energy.

Vortex Involute - Nothing Better combines skippy, icy beats with heavenly piano and dreamy vocals to create an uplifting, optimistic vibe in this absolute beauty of a track from one of Russias finest.

Mooncat - Salvation combines fantastic eastern vocals with a growling bassline and agressive hits to create an intelligen blend of styles and a bouncy, energetic track.