OUT NOW: Bad Logik [GlitchHop, Dubstep, Dnb]

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    OUT NOW: Bad Logik [GlitchHop, Dubstep, Dnb]

    John Sullivan (aka Bad Logik), Denver, Colorado is partly responsible for the infamous JungleLabs venture known by many in Denver for their packed out warehouse parties bring fresh live glitch acts in the late pre-2010 era. This man has some excellent pieces of audio artwork we are showcasing this year with slews of fresh material from glitch hop to dubstep to drum and bass. This set of tunes are sure to make an impact on your senses.

    Listen/Buy: from Section 8 (DIRECT)*
    Listen/Buy: from Addictech
    Listen/Buy: from Juno Records
    Listen/Buy: from Digital-Tunes
    Listen/Buy: from TrackItDown

    preview Bad Logik - Brazil
    preview Bad Logik - Overdrive
    preview Bad Logik - The Mad Lands
    preview Bad Logik - Industrial Warfare
    preview Bad Logik - Rude Frame Of Mind
    preview Bad Logik - Running Time
    preview Bad Logik - Adrenalina
    preview Bad Logik - Bassmint
    preview Bad Logik - Tribalizm