OUT NOW 48k - NightSwitch / Deenk, Konor & Kwerk Remixes


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48k - NightSwitch
https://soundcloud.com/48k%2F48k-nightswitch 48k - NightSwitch (Deenk Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/yellowfinger%2F48k-nightswitch-deenk-remix 48k - NightSwitch (Konor Remix)
https://soundcloud.com/konor%2F48k-nightswitch-konor-remix 48k - NightSwitch (Kwerk Remix)
Drumattic Twins - Nice rolling breaks from 48K Deenk & Kwerk remixes are good and very usable thanx.
Roxright - Killer stuff! Loving the original 48k version, and a well rounded EP as always.
Lazyboy - Huge release!! digging the original, Deenk & Kwerk mixes are sick.
Bass reflections - Loving this release... groovy beats and smooth basslines mixed with tons of sick vibes. Really big up on this!
Stephen Cole - Original mix kicked the best for me, but also have to give a tip of the hat to the other mixes. NIce work!
Scott Remedy - All the mixes are strong, but the original for me!
Definition Breaks - The Kwerk remix is the one for me on this package - it has got that funky edge to it and the dubby section is wicked and unexpected.
Mr Nobody - another well crafted tune from 48k this! all about the orginal for me on this one. full support!
Mezza - Really liking all mixes, but think the Deenk version is my fave from early listens.
Inconspicuous villian - Loving this right here!!!
Morphosis - Great stuff, Konor and Kwerk Remixes are tight as.
8*B1T - Definitely diggin this release, 48K always kills it. The original is sick and all remixes are top notch. I'm feeling the Kwerk and Deenk remix, but really surprised by the direction that Konor took the sounds. Great stuff!
Warped Recordings - Loving the 48k vibes! That vocoded synth is a killer, nice work. Good selection of remixes too, my pick of the bunch would have to be the original although the Deenk remix is huge! - Mr.Cid
Hoax - Gonna have to go with the OG on this one, solid tunes all around. The Konor remix is a slamming glitch hop number! Will definitely get some play from me as well.
Tom Clyde - Great original tune! digging this mix of funky vox and psy elements! Also Kwerk remix definitely for me. Very strong pack!
Barrcode - Cool stuff, will put in the mix.
Mad Team - DOOOOPE !!!!!!!
N-Mitybreaks - Good original mix and remixes, my favorite is a Kwerk remix, good breakbeat.
Yreane - Original and KwerK remix are for me here. 48k production is getting better and better with every release.
Retroid - Great release! I will play this for sure!
llupa - Cheers for this! Digging the original - solid groove and deepness. remixes are cool, but it's the original for me.
Rejectbeats - Great work as always from 48K. Enjoyed all the remixes too. An all round tasty package!
Marty B - dont make me pick a fucking favorite!!!!
Distorsion Records - Amazing release friends!! Love Kwerk remix :)
Kickflip - Awesome package! Stellar remixes all round, hard to pick a favourite!
Ultraphonix Recordings - When words fail music speaks!
DJ Hook - Great release mate... very nice Deenk and Kwerk remix, but my fav is the original. I've got a particoular feeling with 48k's style ;)
Dads Disco - 48k-Nightswitch this is a sure fire breakbeat chart topper featuring some high grade remixes from my favourite artists of 2012 Deenk and Kwerk
Bertie Dastard - Nice! Real chunky beats and bass. Wicked track.
Home Alone - awesome release, hard to pick one so i'll go with the original, but i love all of them!
VIM Records - Very strong package indeed!!! Great original and superb remixes! will support and chart for sure!!!
DJ Rasco - Really likes original tune and DEENK rmx, full support.
3-Parts DJ - Fucking awesome release! Will be hammering the original at THUMP and the Konor remix at our new Full Fat glitch-hop nights! :)