Out Now – U.K. promos & releases 24th July 06

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    RRLP07 various – New Horizons [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Mutt – Crazy listen
    b. Dub1 – Gwarn Amen listen
    c. L.I.S. – Day Stopper listen
    d. Drumagick – Circulacao listen
    e. Castor feat. Victoria – Silent City listen
    f. Andy Skopes & Madcap – These Sounds listen
    RH80 EBK / Unknown Error – Fear No Evil Sampler: Blackboard Jungle / Exit [Renegade Hardware] A B
    LQD016 various – The Big Picture EP 2 [Liquid V]
    a. Tommy Boy – Flip Flops listen
    b. Utah Jazz – Runaway listen
    c. Danny Byrd – French Quarter listen
    d. Random Movement – Police State listen
    TOV80 various – Unfinished Business 2 [Trouble On Vinyl]
    a. Cooh – Seen listen
    b. Drumagick – Ultra Bass listen
    c. Jamal – Click Click listen
    d. Jay Jay – Captive listen
    BAR19 Vector Burn – The Hammer Falls / Throne of the Vulture [Barcode] A B
    DSCI4LP005 various – Something Sick LP [DSCI4]
    a. Silent Witness – Ringside (Vicious Circle remix) listen
    b. Silent Witness – THX listen
    c. Raiden & Propaganda – Poltergeist listen
    d. Raiden & Ras – Dogbite listen
    e. Vicious Circle & EBK – Cruise Control listen
    f. Think Tank – Delirium Tremens listen
    g. Mindscape & Sunchase – Tear Gas listen
    h. Task Horizon – Universe Down listen
    12REGDJ135 Lily Allen – Smile (Digital Soundboy Vocal Mix) / (Dub Mix) [Regal] A B
    TILT004 amex/Kaiza / Budoka – Soulcream / Whiplash (remix) [Tilt] A B
    FOKUZ024 Aorta / BCee & Lomax – Love Hope & Future (BCee & Lomax remix) / Letting Go [Fokuz] A B
    SOSTUD009 Mathematics & Tactile – Treason / Rooted (Part 1) [Social Studies] A B
    FOKUZLTD010 USB / J Cut & Stunna – The Swallow / Chase The Sun [Fokuz] A B
    AMIX003 Aphrodite – Scarface / War of the Worlds [Amix] A B
    CYMBLQF002 CLS & Wax / Locuss – Things To Do / Foundation [Cymbalism Liquified] A B
    DA018 Soundclash / Da Firm – Rootsman / Better Believe (Benny Page remix) [Dope Ammo] A B
    RN007 DC Breaks – Emporer / Horizon [Restless Natives] A B
    SLVG001 Robot Death Squad – Therapy (Original Mix) / (Sunchase remix) [Salvage] A B
    UC008 Santorin – Super Natural / Return of Tomorrow [Under Construction] A B

    GRIDUK012 Vital Elements (V2E) – Fraser Island / Vital Step [Grid] A B
    FQY025 DJ Basher – Leachcraft / Warlordz [Frequency] A B
    DREADUK004 Serum – Dub Dread (Serum remix) / Switch [Dread] A B
    LOUPE021 Dr Octagon – Aliens (Subfocus remix) / (B1. Original Mix) / (B2. Instrumental Mix) [Casual] A B1 B2
    OSR017 Graphic feat. Beans / Graphic – I Am Metal (Martyn’s 3024 Robot Mix) / Heroine [Offshore] A B
    YOURHO001 Unknown – Your Ho (Mix 1) / (Mix 2) [Unknown] A B
    GMM004 DJ Ron / Oz – Night & Day / Piano Love [GM Music] A B
    DNA002 DJ Quantize – Zombie / Blue [DNA] A B
    INTRINSIC004 David Carbone & Kubiks / BCee & Lomax – Ready With This (Craggz & Parallel Forces remix) / Help You [Intrinsic] A B
    JHR005 Crystal Clear – Blaze (feat. Spikey T) / Dubwar [Jekyl & Hyde] A B
    MATOME009 Nphect & Dizplay – Queen of the Night / El Gaucho [M-Atome] A B
    RPG018 Generation Dub – Les Miserables EP [Ganja]
    a. Les Miserables listen
    b. Crush feat. Jaydan listen
    c. Sub Zero listen
    d. Nightmares listen
    TDP005 Dice / Silva D – East River / Irie Dubs [Touchin Down] A B
    FCY090 Die & Clipz – Number 1 (feat. Ben Westbeach) / Climate Change (feat. Hollie G) [Full Cycle] A B

    KNOW83 various – Lemon D & Dillinja cover, DJ Probe feat. 2Shy cover CD [Knowledge]