Out now – U.K. D&B promos & releases 2nd Nov. – with audio!

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    Out now – U.K. D&B promos & releases 2nd Nov. – with audio!

    INN018 Calibre – Like It Is / The Way You Move [Innerground] A B
    BBK019 Brookes Brothers – Hard Knocks / Mistakes [Breakbeat Kaos] A B
    WODNB004 Connecta & TG – Run Da Track / Party’s Over [World of Drum & Bass] A B
    RR72 Mutt – The Scarborough EP [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Hands Free listen
    b. Summer Thing listen
    c. Same As You Feel listen
    d. You’ll See listen
    TECH037 Skyver & D-Jon – Broken n Twisted / Spun [Technique] A B
    TOV83 various – Unfinished Business Part 3 [Trouble On Vinyl]
    a. Noah D – Murdah Style listen
    b. TK – Headhunt listen
    c. Jamal – Who Da What? listen
    d. Chasing Shadows – Buxom Beauty listen
    TRIBE037 DJ Suv – Make A Difference / Colours (remix) [Tribe] A B
    PLAYSIDE008 Ritual & Spikey T – Bun Them Down / Original Lick [Playside] A B
    BRIG007 Redeyes / Alix Perez & Specific – Leaving This Planet / Side 2 Side [Brigand] A B
    CRSE045 Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze / Just the Kind Of [Creative Source] A B
    ILL007 Illskillz & Concord Dawn / Illskillz – Watch Me Now (Dom & Roland remix) / The Great Escape [Ill Skillz] A B
    OSMUK002 Sabre – Love Is Gone / Dojo [Osiris] A B
    CAMINO12004 Matizz / Electrosoul System – Through My Eyes (Future Engineers Re-Set) / Aura [Camino Blue] A B
    KNOWREX004 Spiral – Miss Sunrise (Fracture & Neptune remix) / (Original Mix) / (Like Swimming remix) [Know Records London] A B1 B2
    NEM006 Rhythm Beater – Massada / Skat Rat [Nemesis] A B
    BETALISTIC003 Loxy & Amaning / Social Security – 25th Hour / Trip 2 The Stars [Beatalistic] A B

    VRS018 Optical, Matrix & Ed Rush / Optical Matrix & Louis Smith – Perfect Drug / DNA [Virus] A B
    GRIDUK015 various – Nasty Alien Bass Job EP [Grid]
    a. DJ Spice – Nasty Bass listen
    b. Twisted Individual – Boob Job listen
    c. Twisted Individual – Alien listen
    d. JB & Dread Bass – In My Mind listen
    P51UKLP001 Gridlok – Break The System [Project 51]
    a. Hollywood (feat. El Hornet) listen
    b. Bottomfeeder listen
    c. Watching Us (feat. MC Dino) listen
    d. Fingerprints listen
    e. Wake Up listen
    f. The Fillmore listen
    LQD017 various – The Big Picture EP 3 [Liquid V]
    a. Kabuki – Steroid Funk listen
    b. Kubiks & Lomax – Edge City listen
    c. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Perseverance listen
    d. TK – Never Never listen
    EMCEE021 Do The Math / Sabre feat. Jenna G – The Late Late Show / NYC [Emcee] A B
    SYMM001 Break – The Truth / Evil Twin [Symmetry] A B
    HB03 Head / Rhythm Beater – Love For Granted / Pink Bits [Head Bangers] A B
    HUMA8021 The Upbeats – Le Mammoth / Piss Friends [Human Imprint] A B
    TECH002LP3 various – Street Technique Part 3 [Technique]
    a. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Cape Fear listen
    b. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Subsonic listen
    c. Skyver & D-Jon – Knock Out listen
    d. Skyver, D-Jon, E-Theory & Mark 7 – Gimme Something listen
    WALNUT001 Laroque – Bad Girls / Vishnu [Walnut] A B
    NU12031 TK – Folklore / Substance [Nu Directions] A B

    SHACD001 various – Next Level 2 mixed by DJ Friction (2xCD) [Shogun Audio]