Out Now – U.K. D&B promos & releases 23rd Oct.

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    Out Now – U.K. D&B promos & releases 23rd Oct.

    BAR22 Krusha – Room 101 / Kriminal [Barcode] A B
    RR72 Mutt – Scarborough EP [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Hands Free listen
    b. Summer Thing listen
    c. The Same We Always Feel listen
    d. Hips, Thighs & Alibi’s (feat. Paul T) listen
    TOV83 various – Unfinished Business Part 3 [Trouble On Vinyl]
    a. Noah D – Murdah Style listen
    b. TK – Headhunt listen
    c. Jamal – Who Da What? listen
    d. Chasing Shadows – Buxom Beauty listen
    ALGO005 Current Value – Excellence / Twisted [Algorythm] A B
    SUBTLE007 Cloak & Dagger – Time Travelling / Soul Sauce [Subtle Audio] A B
    V2E002 Vital Elements – The King / Kinda Funky [V2E] A B
    ZOMBIEUK011 Twisted Individual – Vegetarian Meat Mash / Custard (feat. MC Biggie) [Zombie] A B
    RHLP12 Horsemen presents ‘Revelations’ [Renegade Hardware]
    a. Spirit – Footprints listen
    b. Aspect – Underworld listen
    c. DJ Ink, Loxy & Full Clip – Grudge Bore listen
    d. Friske & Perpetuum – Villains listen
    e. Phobia – Rules of the Game listen
    f. Skitty – Harry Hardcore listen
    g. The Fix – Clutch listen
    h1. Gremlinz – Annexed listen
    h2. Horsemen Intro listen
    BINGO054 Random Movement – Scarlet Trouble / Methods of Thought [Bingo] A B
    CIARR002 Total Science – Blackmoon / Embargo [C.I.A.] A B1 B2
    DCOM021 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Jealous Skies [Defcom] A B
    ICOM042 Mazzini – Out Destination (EZ Rollers remix) / Freak [Intercom] A
    BRK08 Zero Tolerance & Mentality – The Fix – Last Resort / 8 Billion Stories [Breakin] A B
    TI049 Gein – We Don’t Know / Simon [Tech Itch] A B
    SS007 ASC – Distress Signal / Second Sight [Soothsayer] A B
    FREAK023 SPL – Global Chaos / Can’t Live [Freak] A B
    SUICIDELP006-2 SKC – Killing Me Softly Part 2 [Commercial Suicide]
    a. Worthwile listen
    b. Conquest listen
    c. Heartbreak listen
    d. Dream Come True listen
    RISE010 State Of Mind – Running Time / Snakecharmer [Uprising] A B
    BW25 The Green Man – Hardcore Junglist (with MC Dragoon) / Slavery Planned [Basswerk] A B
    PRCSN027 Kabuki / Kabuki, X-Plorer & Dee Pulse – Speed Of Sound / KXD [Precision Breakbeat Research] A B
    PHUNK007 Contour & Stunna – Erratic Soul / Can’t Go Back [Phunk Fiction] A B
    INNA016 Tactile – Dubwise / Inhuman [Inneractive] A B

    SOULR022 Calibre – Derranged EP [Soul:R]
    a. Derranged listen
    b. Take It Back listen
    c. Past Imperfect Future Tense listen
    d. Luminous listen
    UD012 Brockie & Ed Solo – System Check (G Dub remix) / Lost Bass (remix) [Undiluted] A B
    DTR005 Skynet – Moon Patrol / Turmoil [Discrete] A B
    INV011 The Invaderz – Simple Beauty / Mainline [I.T.] A B
    LOCKUP001 The Prodigy / Dave Clarke – Wake The Fuck Up / Red 2 (DNB Mixes) [Lock Up] A B
    REJECT001 Psychofreud & Sunjammer – Murder Dem (Original Mix) / (Cooh remix) [Bass Rejects] A B
    RIQ007 Marvellous Cain – The Hitman (Serial Killaz remixes) [R-IQ] A B
    RH81 Loxy & Phobia / Friske – Excalibre / Da Shinin [Renegade Hardware] A B
    RR70 various – These Are The Breaks [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Andy Skopes & Reform – I Came Down listen
    b. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – N.Y.C. Diesel listen
    c. Sum – SLPD listen
    d. Titan – Murder Music (The Fix remix) listen
    B2B12010 Ascend & Ultravibe – What Kind Of World / The Promise [Back 2 Basics] A B
    ADMM37 Liftin Spirits vs Boneshaker – Solstice / Hypnotic Reflex (remix) [Liftin Spirits] A B
    AM002 Alaska & Seba – Back From Eternity / Perpetual [Arctic Music] A B
    CRISIS005 DJ Trax feat. Plastic Jam – Tomorrows New Dawn / (Commix remix) [Crisis] A B
    FF006 Mayhem & Codex / N Phonix – Conform / Transfix [Full Force] A B
    FOKUZ024 Aorta / BCee & Lomax– Love Hope & Future (BCee & Lomax remix) / Letting Go [Fokuz] A B