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    Out Now – U.K. D&B Promos & Releases 25th Sept


    ADVRD001 Danny Byrd – Round & Round / Powder Killa [Advanced] A B
    BLUS004 Aspect / Electrosoul System – Soul Lady / Fun [Blu Saphir] A B
    SUICIDELP006-1 SKC – Killing Me Softly Part 1 [Commercial Suicide]
    a. Alpha Centuri listen
    b. Composure listen
    c. Offguard (remix) listen
    d. Break It Down listen
    MEDIC2 CLS – Black & White / Tell Me What You Want [Med School] A B
    LQD017 various – The Big Picture EP 3 [Liquid V]
    a. Kabuki – Steroid Funk listen
    b. Kubiks & Lomax – Edge City listen
    c. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Perseverance listen
    d. TK – Never Never listen
    TOV82 Current Value – PSI Investigation / Mind Bullet [Trouble On Vinyl] A B
    BRSS070 Vital Elements – Bad Boy Tune / Flipside [Basement] A B
    CONSCIOUS001 Black Star – Let Jah Be Praised (feat. Jah Cure) / Sensi Crisis [Congo Conscious] A B
    DIR009 Ego Trippin’ – Something In Your Ear / Disvertion [Direct] A B
    NWREP01 Nightwalker – Secret Scrolls EP 1 [Nightwalker]
    a. Journey listen
    b. The Awakening listen
    c. Style Steppin (feat. Dykast) listen
    d. Demolition listen
    SIGHCO003 Muffler – Vision / Outerspace [Sighco] A B
    STYPE004 The Force – War Games / Dub 2 Africa [Stereotype] A B
    P51UKLP001 Gridlok – Break The System [Project 51]
    a. Hollywood (feat. El Hornet) listen
    b. Bottomfeeder listen
    c. Watching Us (feat. MC Dino) listen
    d. Fingerprints listen
    e. Wake Up listen
    f. The Fillmore listen


    FOKUZLP001 various – Discoveries Of The Deep LP [Fokuz]
    a. J Cut – Deep End listen
    b. Autumn & ICR – Yesterday listen
    c. Kubiks & Lomax – Destiny Calling listen
    d. Syncopix – Treat Me Right listen
    e. Soulproof – Whisper In My Ear listen
    f. Physics & Resound – Starshade listen
    g1. Stunna & Release – Halucinate listen
    g2. Implex – Shape of Time listen
    h1. Spinor – Revenge listen
    h2. Drum Origins – 16th Chapter listen
    SECOPS007 Seba & Paradox – Red Tears / Fire Like This [Secret Operations] A B
    SOULR021 Marcus Intalex – Refreshed EP [Soul:R]
    a. Red 7 listen
    b. Princess Warrior listen
    c. Wide Eyes listen
    d. Refreshed listen
    SGN001 Spectra Soul – Tempest Dub / In My Arms [SGN:LTD] A B
    TILT004 amex/Kaiza / Budoka – Sourcream / Whiplash (remix) [Tilt] A B
    WARM010 Fanu – The Circle of Sycamore Trees / b1. Footsteps Concealed / b2. The Face of the Man Who Killed You [Warm Communications] A B1 B2
    NHS112LP Logistics – Now More Than Ever [Hospital]
    a. Call Me Back listen
    b. The Divide listen
    c. Falling For You listen
    d. Red Sky At Night listen
    e. Winter Blues listen
    f. Inhale listen
    g. Every Beat of My Heart listen
    h. Now More Than Ever listen
    GRIDUK014 Heist – Iron Hide / Stone Cold [Grid] A B
    FTREC1202 Sabre – These Simple Things / Oxygen [Future Thinkin] A B
    CI005 Pieter K – Temerity / Dangergirl (remix) / Twice As Once [Counter Intelligence] A B1 B2
    ALGO004 Counterstrike – Snuff / Timewarp [Algorythm] A B
    CYMBLTD005 Gigantor [Evol Intent] / Alliance – Hook Echo / Shame [Cymbalism] A B
    DOA002 Fatal – 100 Years (feat. Raw) / The Hunt [Dogs On Acid] A B
    GRAVY003 Cristina Milan / Arctic Monkeys – Say Aye Aye / Little Pigs A B
    PROPO013 Generation Dub vs Taxman – Snowman / Atlantic [Propaganda] A B
    LAZY001 A-Sides – Imagination / Open Your Eyes [A-Sides] A B

    NHS112CD Logistics – Now More Than Ever (2xCD) [Hospital]
    RHLP11CD various – Fear No Evil (2xCD) [Renegade Hardware]