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    TOV80 various – Unfinished Business Part 2 [Trouble On Vinyl]
    a. Cooh – Seen listen
    b. Drumagick – Ultra Bass listen
    c. Jamal – Click Clack listen
    d. Jay Jay – Captive listen
    BINGO047 Aquasky / Zinc – Dezires / Hear No Evil (DJ Marky & Bungle remixes) [Bingo] A B
    RH79 Manifest – So Sick / F*ck Em Up [Renegade Hardware] A B
    TFRV002 Sparfunk & D-Code – Under The Moon / Lights Out [Terrafunk] A B
    ADORNO457 Unknown – Unknown / Unknown [Adorno] A B
    CRISIS004 Mutt – Blue (feat. Outlook) / Glory Box [Crisis] A B
    DNA002 DJ Quantize – Zombie / Blue [DNA] A B
    GMM004 DJ Ron / Oz – Night & Day / Piano Love [GM Music] A B
    06SR002 ES9 – Let It Go (Original Mix) / (Futurebound remix) [06S Records] A B
    WARM009 Resound – Underground / Spiral Web [Warm Communications] A B
    ALGO004 Counterstrike – Snuff / Timewarp [Algorythm] A B
    FRONT084 DJ Hazard – Cola Cube / Ninja Technique [Frontline] A B
    JACKED003 Double Vision – Brand New (vs Kanye West) / Many Men (vs 50 Cent) [Jacked] A B
    REAPA004 GPK – Vector Sigma (The Upbeats remix) / The Garden [Reapa] A B
    SUBTLE005 Fanu – I Play It Cooler / Heavenless / Skyscraper Dreams [Subtle Audio] A B1 B2
    XS004 Soundclash / Pacific & Dabble – Bang Bang / Jamrock [XS] A B

    METH007LP various – Drum & Bass Headhunterz [Metalheadz]
    a. Commix - Cambridge Hardcore listen
    b. Spirit - Redial listen
    c. Blame - Inside Heart listen
    d. Rufige Kru - Fear Heaven listen
    e. Doc Scott - Michigan listen
    f. Marcus Intalex - Nebulous listen
    g. Concord Dawn - One Night In Reno listen
    h. Bailey - Africa listen
    VTB002 Dillinja – Expansions / Bass Cone [VTB] A B
    NHS110LP Q Project – Renaissance Man [Hospital]
    a. Behind Closed Doors listen
    b. Living With Beaker (Total Science remix) listen
    c. No More Heroes listen
    d. Sleepers listen
    e. Anchor Man listen
    f. Bovey Pay.
    SBOY004 Visionary – Gimme Your Love / Jungle Rock [Soundboy] A B
    TECH002LP2 various – Street Technique Part 2 [Technique]
    a. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Crossfire (Danger)(DJ Friction & K-Tee remix) listen
    b. Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat. Tali – In The Silence listen
    c. J Majik & Wickaman – Smoking Herd listen
    d. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Pegasus listen
    RH78 DJ Ink – Mood Music EP [Renegade Hardware]
    a. Gabriel & DJ Ink – Mood Music listen
    b. DJ Ink – Infamous Minded listen
    c. DJ Ink & Dylan – Need You (Phobia remix) listen
    d. Gabriel & DJ Ink – Gunrunner listen
    RR68 Verse – Sleepless / Patience [Renegade Recordings] A B
    BETA017 John B – I’ve Been Stalking You On Myspace / Fashion [Beta] A B
    720NU024 Blame – The Turning Point Part 2: Congress / Sparticus [720 Degrees] A B
    CARTEL007 various – The Product EP 01 [Cartel]
    a. DJ Craze & Juju – Payday listen
    b. DJ Craze & Juju - E.L.O. listen
    c. DJ Craze & Infiltrata – Gangstas listen
    d. DJ Craze, Infiltrata & Gnr8 – You Don’t Know Me listen
    HZN011 Seba & Robert Manos – Exodus / Power of Love [Horizons] A B
    06SR001 ES9 – Free Your Mind (Original Mix) / (D-Bridge remix) [06S Records] A B
    SUBTITLES053 Electrosoul System – No One Knows / To See The Star [Subtitles] A B
    DA017 Drunken Masters, Weva & Fatman D – Evil That Men Do (Mix 1 / Mix 2) [Drunken Masters] A B
    DUBROCK002 Tanya Stephens vs Unknown – It’s A Pity (Vocal Mix) / (Dub Mix) [Dubrock] A B
    LBZ001 Phantasy, Shodan & Weva – Lost Boyz (Mix 1 / Mix 2) [Lost Boyz] A B
    PLAYSIDE006 Suv & Tali – Do You Remember (The remixes) [Playside] A B
    UC007 Social Security – Children of the Sun / Warm Bass Rising Part [Under Construction] A B
    DDRAG027 Swabe (AKA DJ Die) – Camouflage / Skinflint [Dope Dragon] A B

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    Nice Work on the Sound Clips...