Out now – New D&B promos & releases 22nd May (with audio)

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    RH78 DJ Ink – Mood Music EP [Renegade Hardware]
    a. DJ Ink & Gabriel – Mood Music listen
    b. DJ Ink – Infamous Minded listen
    c. DJ Ink & Dylan – Need You (Phobia remix) listen
    d. DJ Ink & Gabriel - Gunrunner listen
    TDR001 Calyx & Kontrol – Set Me Free / Drums Take Control [Thunderous Audio] A B
    NHS108 Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster (Sparfunk remix) / Coming Unstuck [Hosptial] A B
    VTB001 Dillinja – 96 Thing / Electroboogie [VTB] A B
    RAMM60 Sub Focus – Airplane / Flamenco [Ram] A B
    CRUNCH006 Verse & Phobia – Volatile / The Glimmer [Crunch] A B
    DRP003T Dom & Roland – Hear My Call / Electric Smile [Dom & Roland Productions] A B
    FOKUZLTD009 Task Horizon / Desimal – Far Away / After Life [Fokuz] A B
    GRAFF004 Rhythm Beater – Midget With A Bora Part 2 / Zombie [Graff Series] A B
    06SR001 ES9 – Free Your Mind / Free Your Mind (D-Bridge remix) [06S Records] A B
    OBSE007 Rawthang / Munk – Push / Ferocity [Obsessions] A B
    ESO007 Nucleus & Paradox / Love Her – Esotericism / Version [Esoteric] A B
    NU12030 Deep Inc. – Keep On / Talk Back [Nu Directions] A B
    BLD010 Aftermath – On The Edge / Rockers [Blade] A B
    BUTTER001 VJS – Butterflyz (feat. Alicia Keyes) / Skool Of 42 [Butter] A B
    DUBWIZE004 Unknown – Gametime / Rastaman [Dubwize] A B
    FRONT083 Double Zero [Generation Dub] – Gangsta Shit / Terminate [Frontline] A B
    MONSTROPLANTES02 DJ Panik / Dilemm – Chaos Theory / In The Dark [Monstroplantes] A B
    PRG004 Alex Perez – Leave The Dread / Drive By (feat. Specific) [Progress] A B


    BBK003LP DJ Fresh – Escape From Planet Monday [Breakbeat Kaos]
    a. X-Project listen
    b. Pink Panther listen
    c. Babylon Rising listen
    d. Funk Academy listen
    METPLA006 A-Sides – Showstopper / Set It Off [Metalheadz Platinum] A B
    INP013 Equinox – Antarctica / Kensal Rise [Inperspective] A B
    PASA025 Aquasky & Spyda – Time Up [Passenger] A B
    PASA025R Aquasky & Spyda – Time Up (Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith remix) / (Rennie Pilgrem remix) [Passenger] A B
    RR67 various – Soul Food Part 3 [Renegade Recordings]
    a. Verse – West Wind listen
    b. Deep Inc. – Accord listen
    c. Phobia – Sun Rising listen
    d. Noah D & No Thing – Love Drop listen
    PPR013VS Photek / Special Forces – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Teebee Mix) / Sidewinder (Infiltrata & Hochi remix) [Photek] A B
    TEKDBZ005 Mental Sharp – Fahrenheit 215 / Hit Em Hard [Tekdbz] A B
    720NU023 Blame – The Turning Point Part 1: Sabotage / Reign Of Fire [720 Degrees] A B
    CF006 Crossfire & Pura Vida / Spinor & Eskalation – Time Had Come / Refractor [Crossfire] A B
    CRISIS001 Gremlinz & Stranjah – Clapback / For Heroes [Crisis] A B
    HZN010 Brooklyn – Stages (Commix remix) / Wicked Ways (feat. Bachelors Of Science) [Horizions] A B
    SYN004 Syncopix – Together Again (Logistics remix) / Dos Or Die [Syncopix] A B
    FOKUZ023 Greg Packer / Greg Packer, Physics & FX909 – Inside Tonight / If You Know [Fokuz] A B
    VBZ032 Submorphics / Young AX – In The Groove / Make It Happen [Vibez] A B
    OBSCENE012 Tetradin – Am God / Basic Operations (Tetradin remix) [Obscene] A B
    NU12029 Kubiks & Lomax – Loop Hole / Jacuzzi 9mm [Nu Directions] A B
    ADV010 Sappo feat. Bassman / Sappo vs Devize & 3D Mode – Selection Dark / Ryde or Dye (remix) [Advisory] A B
    CARD002 Nightwalker – Minge Fringe / Dreams [Card Series] A B
    HATE001 Silent Killer vs Tek Infection / Dykast – Insurgents / Cube [Hate]
    JF007 Do The Math / Andyskopes – Search & Rescue / Call My Name [Jerona Fruits] A B
    PRG003 Mutt & Skitty – Salt / Rickets [Progress] A B