Label Out Monday on Terabyte Records!

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    Out Monday on Terabyte Records!
    Press Release
    Terabyte Records proudly present the 2nd instalment on their fresh and exciting new imprint! Following the success of their first release which featured Altered Perception, the Resistance EP hits just as hard with two incredible tracks from Tephra entitled Resistance and Fade Away.

    London based producer Tephra is relatively new to the scene, but shows clearly his understanding of high quality production and a unique style that sets him aside from the rest. His opening track Resistance is a great testament to this, with super tight breaks and deep warm layers of sub bass. The track intro’s with sinister intent like something out of a late night horror, vocals soon give warnings of the impending threat as the drop suddenly launches in to an array of wide swelling bass lines and grimey low down synths. Sharp breaks accompanied by carefully produced percussion elements surge the track forward with vocal adlibs and moody sound FX which create the perfect atmosphere for this epic piece of music!

    The second track entitled Fade Away carries much the same unique formula featuring a dark and eerie intro using big cinematic sounds and haunting sound FX. The drop hits hard with a sub bass deep enough to sink the titanic, whilst abstract synths are used as the lead and carry the tune as its develops onwards. Crisp rolling beats produced with military precision are carefully arranged in clever patterns whilst the vocal ‘Fade Away’ takes the listener in to vast expanse of time and space!

    So get ready for this huge release from Tephra as Terabyte Records demonstrates why it’s a label to watch for 2012, and delivers a release worthy of the support of the best in the scene!

    DJ Support for this release includes:
    Chris SU, N3gus, Dr S Gachet, Ashattack, Mufler, Mob Tactics, Stunna, Livewire, Dawn Raid, Lutin!
    Listen here:
    1: Tephra - Resistance
    2: Tephra - Fade Away