Label OUT MONDAY on NONE DECAY MUSIC - Valentine/Ooze!

Full Release Date: 4th March 2013

None Decay is back. The digital label for the new generation, set up by Cambridge boys Duncan Aldcroft and Oliver Tome, has a new release, Valentine/Ooze.

The label had its genesis in the meeting of Duncan and Ollie all the way back in 1995. After a long DJ career, they both made their mark with solo productions, before coming back together in 2010, and started None Decay. The label is home to their artist productions under the same name, pushing out more of their fine techstep/neurofunk releases. Now is the time for their latest efforts, in the form of the timely Valentine, and Ooze.

The former is a hauntingly melodic take on the sound, building slowly through an intro which morphs into a squelchy bass sequence before the beat drops in. The drum pattern is deceptively slow, holding its internal rhythm whilst all manner of weird, warped effects swim in and out behind and around it. A real grower, the beat will have you nodding along, adding and subtracting elements of depth inside your speakers and your head. The drums are muted later for a synth section, before bouncing back in. Addictive, expansive and of the utmost quality, for those that like their neuro with an extra dose of funk.

Ooze, on the other hand, handles things slightly differently. More of a direct brain-destroyer, the track quickly establishes itself, with a slightly off-kilter beat set, with some contorting, swirly bass effects. The nagging, unusual half-melody comes in and out, setting the nerves on edge and luring you into None Decay’s trap. Quiet sections contrast with the main attack, but the effect is still one of all-out dancefloor domination.

None Decay approach their work with a sense of seriousness, purpose and heart, whilst still maintaining a sense of fun and musicality. The neuro/tech scene is gathering momentum, and you’ll find no better evidence for that than with None Decay.

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