OUT MONDAY..Blue Cheese Records 007

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Oct 28, 2011
Gloucester, UK
OUT MONDAY..Blue Cheese Records 007

Following the success of their last release featuring Dark Entity, Blue Cheese Records proudly present to you the next instalment, with 2 incredible tracks by the producer known as ‘Teksteppa’.

White Widow
Over the last few years ‘Teksteppa’ has been making quite a name for himself with an array of high quality releases due to his unique style of technical drum and bass production. White Widow encapsulates this style perfectly! The break is written with military precision using carefully placed high hats and percussion to compliment an array of subtle sound fx and a killer bass riff! Throughout the track Teksteppa introduces layers of eerie synths and pads to produce a track which is constantly moving and evolving around the lead hook. High quality production!

Black Mercury
On a slightly darker tip, ‘Black Mercury’ goes straight for the jugular with pounding sub bass and a malicious break destined to cause trouble! Teksteppa presents a unique track which can sit on the fringe of several sub genres, and will no doubt be lapped up by DJ’s all over the world!..... With production skills like these it’s not hard to see why Teksteppa is definitely one to watch in 2012, and with the backing of Blue Cheese Records, it’s an exciting time for this talented artist!

DJ Support for this release includes!
S.P.Y (Metalheadz), Mind Vortex (Ram Records) Mutated Forms (Spearhead), Optiv (Frequency), Danny Wheeler (W10), Muffler (Hospital)...
AUDIO: http://soundcloud.com/cygnus-music/bcr007-teksteppa
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