Ouroboros (Dancefloor)


DnBF Sheriff
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This song is interesting because it gives a sense that something is about to happen. First the wobble in the main intro is very cool and so is that noise that plays throughout the song. I felt the drums sounded good and had plenty of dynamics to them. You have little spices of stabs that made the song more interesting to listen to and they sounded well placed. The elements where all(on my end)placed together well and complimented each other as far as eq. You built up also tention. This is what I thought about your song so far.
I wish on the the other hand the bass had more of a presence. What you have here sound like it could be a great intro to a larger song. You build up tention well, but have no release. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed your elements. I just found the bass to be lacking and wished for a more predominate bass characteristics to shine through.
I also wanted to note that your eqing is getting better.